Must Have Conversations with Elderly Parents

According to a study by Merrill Lynch, 75% of adults haven’t had an in-depth conversation with their parents about long-term care, retirement or funeral wishes. While these are tough conversations to have, it’s important to know your parents wishes before they may fall ill. Here are three conversation topics you should have with an aging parent to ensure that they receive the best care.

  1. What Are Your Wishes For Care? Does your parent want to stay in their house? Are they interested in an assisted living community or nursing home? This will help you make a quick decision if and when the time comes.
  2. Who Oversees Your Finances? Ask your parents if they work with a financial advisor to manage their money. Be sure to have contact information for any and all financial institutions.
  3. How Is Your Driving? This question may cause some friction, but driving often becomes an issue as people age. Watch your parent drive to see how they are managing the vehicle and road. Research other ways to help them get around.
  4. Would You Like Some Help? Ask your parents if there is something they’d like help with. For instance, do they need assistance with grocery shopping or lawn care? Could they use help cleaning? Look for cost-effective solutions to everyday chores.