How To Help A Loved One Recover From Surgery At Home

Recovering at home after surgery can be more comfortable than spending time in the hospital or rehabilitation facility. Before you or a loved one head into the hospital, here are some ways to prepare for your post-surgery needs.

Make A Plan: Work with your doctor to create instructions for recovering at home. Stick to the plan and don’t forget to attend follow up appointments.

Set Up Your Home: If there are multiple floors in your house, consider moving a bed to the first floor near a kitchen and bathroom. Wash your bedding and be sure to have comfortable clothes to wear while resting. Stock up on kitchen and home supplies before surgery. Most importantly, make sure the space is safe!

Get Help: If you will need help with specific tasks at home, research your options for help. Caring Mission offers individualized plans for care. Contact us for a free in-home assessment.

Care Pack: While rest and relaxation are important, make sure you or your loved one have some items on hand to stay entertained! Check out books from your library, listen to a new podcast or plan to binge watch a show!