How To Convince Your Parent To Receive Care

One of the most difficult conversations to have is one with your parents about their declining health. Your father may still insist on driving, while your mother may refuse to visit a doctor. Adult children often need to take the first step in having a conversation with their parent about health. Here are some tips on how to talk to your loved one about receiving care.

  • Start The Discussion Early: Talking to your parents about their wishes for care before you absolutely need to have the conversation will make it easier. This can help take the pressure out of the situation. 
  • Know Your Options: Research some options for care heading into the conversation. Recommend some of solutions during your conversation. For instance, if your parents need to drive to the grocery store, discuss delivery options. 
  • If First You Don’t Succeed: It may take more than one or two conversations to come to an agreement on care. Be patient!
  • Everyone Will Have An Opinion: Between you, your parents and your siblings, know that everyone may have different opinions. Everyone wants the same goal – for your parents to receive the best care, so do your best not to upset your parents during these stressful conversations.