Three Things You Must Do When Choosing A Caregiver

Searching for a service to care for your aging parent or loved one can be overwhelming. We know that you have several options for care and are often searching for help fast. Before you start your research, here are five things you must do when selecting a caregiver.

  1. Ask The Right Questions: Prepare a list of interview questions to help you get to know the caregivers. Focus on the services they provide, their employees and the costs associated with care. Some key questions to ask:
    • How long has your company been in business?
    • Are your caregivers required to pass background checks?
    • What are the education requirements of your employees? Do you offer ongoing training?
    • What are your hospital re-admission rates after rehabilitation?
    • What is the cost for your services? How are your customers billed?
  1. Communication is Key: Learn how the care company will communicate with your loved one’s doctor and with you! Make sure you ask for updates about your loved one’s physical and emotional health.
  2. Read Ratings & Reviews: Visit sites like and Facebook. Read the reviews from past patients and families. Additionally, ask friends and neighbors if they’ve heard of the caregiving company.

Everyone’s needs for care are different. Contact Caring Mission for a free assessment.